Create a safer business for
your team & customers

COVID-19 coronavirus social safety stickers

With strict social distancing being enforced across the nation, it's important to keep your staff and customers up to date with the recommended guidelines.

The all-in-one coronavirus safety stickers kit

Help prevent the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus with large, easy-to-install vinyl decals and graphics. Clearly inform your customers of the social distancing guidelines your business follows, and help keep your employees safe and your business running smoothly.

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Order the COVID-19 safety stickers kit.

Kit includes entryway guidelines stickers, floor stickers, handwashing stickers, CDC safety poster, installation tool & instructions.

Order the safety stickers kit

Show your customers you care.

The coronavirus pandemic is a crisis that has brought a new level of uncertainty and fear to us all. As business owners, we want to keep our employees and our customers safe, and do what we can to boost confidence and a feeling of security. Tell your customers that you take their safety seriously by providing clear, professional messaging about safety best practices and guidelines on how to maintain social distancing while shopping.


Clearly communicate safety measures.

Our graphic decals are made with high-quality vinyl materials that are long-lasting and are easy to install on most surfaces.

Give clear guidelines

Post your business' safety guidelines and CDC recommendations prominently on doors, windows and walls

Mark out safe distances

Space out floor decals to help your customers keep safe distances while in line or interacting with your employees.

Easily install yourself

Our safety sticker kits ship with everything you need to install the decals yourself.

Order your COVID-19
safety stickers kit

Includes door social safety notice, CDC safety guidelines, floor decals, handwashing stickers, installation tools & instructions.