About Us

👋🏻 Hi, we’re Sticker Simple!

We created Sticker Simple to help your company become super memorable with easy-to-order custom-printed stickers and decal products that work to align your business with the vision you have. We help entrepreneurs and small business owners like you create the sharp-looking, high-quality businesses you envision.

How we got started

Our founder, Austin Park, started a vinyl graphics installation company several years ago, which has grown to be a successful business. We're small business owners, so you can trust us when we say we know first-hand just how hard it is to run a business and how difficult it can be to get your vision for your company out into the world. We aim to make that job much more easy and affordable for you so you can have more of an impact.

As graphics installers for most, if not all, the major retailer brands, we know how expensive and how complicated it can be to make your store look up to date and professional. The reason all the huge companies put so much work and money into signage, decorations, promotions, and maintaining their brand image is simple. They know that a brand is far more than their logo or colors: it's the emotional reaction, the feeling their customers get when they see and experience the clean look and atmosphere of their businesses. They know nailing that impression engenders trust, and they believe it's worth the money and effort. And they have the resources to make sure that happens.

Over the past several years we've traveled the nation serving customers of all sizes and industries, and we've seen many, many small businesses struggling to present themselves at a competitive, high-quality level. When it comes to brand image, there's usually a stark contrast between small businesses and their big-box counterparts. We think that if small businesses had the same ability and knowledge as the big retailers things could be a lot different.

We aim to change that and beat back the perception that small businesses can't stand beside big businesses. So put down that Sharpie, paper, and tape! Your business deserves better! Boosting your brand image can have a direct impact not just on your bottom line, but your top line as well.

How we can help you

When you're running an established business or have a new business, you know there are so many spinning plates and moving parts, it's easy for some things to get a bit less attention than they should (not to mention the budget). One of the oft-neglected necessities is the brand image and presentation of your business.

Enter Sticker Simple.

It's hard to find a good-looking and high-quality solution for putting your company info on your storefront, vehicles, or equipment or for posting necessary information for your customers. And there are events beyond our control (COVID-19 virus pandemic, anyone?) that make it even more complicated by introducing new requirements for notices and guidelines.

Here at Sticker Simple it is our goal to bring that clean, professional atmosphere to your store. We act as your printing partner for vinyl stickers and signage so you can be confident you have someone to print what you need, when you need it.

We use our experience in working with both small businesses and major retailers to give you insight on how we can give the face of your company that extra-special piece that helps you stand out from the competition.

We develop unique products that help you easily stay a step ahead of the regulations and recommendations that crop up, such as our business solutions for social distancing guidelines in a kit or individual products.

However, we created Sticker Simple for more than simple business opportunity: we developed those products because we saw it was something we could do to leverage our experience and help other businesses reopen and stay afloat in a time of crisis. Our products helped businesses such as the Titanic Museum and their affiliates reopen after having to close due to the coronavirus pandemic, and that makes us super proud and happy!

We do this because we really want to help people like you succeed. We want to see small businesses not just survive, but truly thrive.

So, what's next?

Imagine making each of your customers an ambassador for your brand by offering a customer sticker with their order. Or making your car a billboard (do I hear "tax write off"?) offering your services while you drive around town, or putting an attractive decal on the door of your shop that intrigues and brings customers into your shop as they walk by outside. Your brand image being on point can directly affect getting more customers.

Need a design for your business? We can help with that as well with our custom design services.

We're going to keep expanding our products to meet the needs of business owners, giving you simple, customizable options for displaying your art, information, events, and more. We'll bring new design templates for business necessities like store hours signage, logo and address decals, and more. How about complete new business owner start-up decal packages? We've got lots of ideas we're excited to bring to the table!

Got an idea of your own you'd like to see? Let us know!

We're looking forward to not just creating products that help you look and be your best, but also teaching you great techniques to level up your business' presence.