The Importance of Marketing

The Importance of Marketing
Marketing is one of the most important components to running a business. A resume of who you are, what you stand for, and what you’ve done. It's the main instrument to bring traffic to your business, whether you are a brick-and-mortar store or e-commerce. Marketing is guided by your principles, or core values, but also has to be balanced with the times. Your customers should see your message and want to shop with you because of how it makes them feel.
So what's the end goal of marketing? It's customers buying from you, because without them, you have no business at all. For example, here at Sticker Simple, our main customers are other businesses.  We didn’t even start designing our website without determining this first. There are so many factors to marketing and building a brand. Your customers need to permeate every area of your business, which is why you have to know your audience.
Once you know your customer, know where they are. At Sticker Simple, we mostly gear marketing towards filling the needs of other look fresh and professional. We join networking groups, stay active on social platforms (Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, etc), and focus on bringing value to our customers. Like writing this blog post. 
Having worked out who your customer is, and where they are, you will need to ask yourself what they want or need.  What do you have that they need?  In this case, Sticker Simple provides a couple things that other businesses need:  
1. Our designers have mad skills!  They have been able to create and improve logos for start-ups and existing businesses. This gives our clients a fresh professional look, both inside the store and outside for seasonal advertising.  
2. We print the graphics on the right materials so they work best for the surface. Whether it's indoor, outdoor, window, wall, floor, vehicle, bumper or logo sticker, we cover it all.
3. We have partnered with a nationwide installation company, so if you have a large project, we’ve got you covered. 
Lastly, but most importantly, when strategizing for your marketing, consider how your customers will feel. The simple truth is, people are not going to remember exactly what you say, but they will remember how they felt about what you said.  You have to use the right tone. This can be achieved with colors, wording, position, font, image, and more. At Sticker Simple, we have seen this in action.  After working with hundreds of major brands, knowing what goes into successful marketing, and learning from mistakes, we decided it was time for small businesses to have that same advantage. And that's why Sticker Simple was born.