The Customer Experience

The Customer Experience
One of most important parts of your brand and business is your customer’s experience.  It's a result of every single interaction a customer has with your company. It starts when they are navigating your website, getting to know your brand, to the interaction with your team, down to the moment they receive your product.
The number one goal is to give such a great customer experience so people can't help but rave about how great of a company you are. A phenomenal customer experience is crucial to receiving repeat customers and referrals. 
Great customer experience and bad customer experience is the difference between building lifetime customer base that spread the word about you and having to spend all your profits on attracting new customers every day.  Word of mouth is one of the best marketing tools out there, it give you social credibility. When delivering a solid customer experience you will see an increase in good reviews, recommendations, and a strong flow of new customers. 
How do you know you have delivered a great customer experience? How do you know you have a process that is going to help you grow your business. It's easy, when looking at your customer base to think about these four pillars. Are your customers loyal to you? Have they given reviews expressing customer satisfaction? Are you seeing a steady flow of customers coming in due to word of mouth?
I have this amazing dog park that I love. It's local. They have a bar and serve beer and coffee (who wouldn’t love them right.) They also give out bumper stickers and T-shirts every time you sign up for a membership. I am constantly talking with people who love those three things and sharing their story. This is how you build a trusted brand and community.
Build a brand so true to its values that it cultivates a culture and brand that attracts brand ambassadors that want to share your story, share you on social media, wear your shirts, and put your bumper stickers on their car. Most importantly be a culture that your customers are proud to be a part of.
Give people something good for people to talk about in your business. Be amazing, and they will spread the word!