Vector vs. Raster

Vector vs. Raster

Recently East Coast Furniture Assembly reached out to us wanting their logo printed on a sticker.

WATCH HERE    how our designer re-draws the logo to ensure it is the highest of quality image to print. You can really see the difference between the provided Raster Image and the re-drawn Vector image at the end of the video.

  • A Vector Image is made from mathematical formulas created by a computer.
  • A Raster image is made of tiny squares called pixels.

Vector files are ideal for printing because they can be resized and never loose their quality. In contrast, raster images can be used for print but different variables will effect the quality of that image. To ensure the highest quality we always recommend vector files. Vector files will have .ai, .eps, .svg, or .pdf at the end of the file name ( )

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Special Thanks to East Coast Furniture Assembly for starring in our video. Check them out at or call them at 877-380-8695 today!